Onion City Film Festival

Thanks for joining us for 2016! It was a fantastic year. 


Onion City Awards:

First Place: Many Thousands Gone
Ephraim Asili

Second Place: Something Between Us
Jodie Mack

Third Place: Mad Ladders
Michael Robinson


Honorable Mentions:

Notes from the Interior
Ben Balcom

Aswirl Alight Aight
Tommy Heffron

KaSandra Skistad

Psychic Driving
William E. Jones

Prima Materia
Charlotte Pryce

Ana Vaz

Join us next year for the 28th Onion City Experimental Film Festival.


    Why donate to ONion City?

    • Onion City is one of the premiere international festivals exclusively devoted to experimental film and video.
    • Onion City 2014 screened the work of 46 filmmakers from 9+ countries in 7 programs over 4 days. For 2015 we look to further expand our reach with 2 more programs and multiple venues. 
    • Onion City’s parent organization, Chicago Filmmakers, is a 40-year-old media arts organization that runs a weekly screening series, youth film camps, filmmaker meet-ups, college-level film and video production courses, the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, and much more.
    • To support the Chicago arts community as well filmmakers from around the globe 
    • To reach connected influencers and active minds
    • To draw in new customers/employees 
    • To show your commitment to the arts 

    Sponsorship inquiries can be sent to onioncity@chicagofilmmakers.org or 773.574.2744